Jerod Cherry

Are you in search of the truth? Are you troubled by the feeling that there has to be more to the Christian faith than escaping hell and being a rule follower? Or are you at times puzzled and overwhelmed by difficulties in life? If you fall into any one of these categories and want a change for the better, then you must read Jeff’s book, Five Assumptions About God and Why They Are Wrong.

From reading this book, I found that Jeff does an excellent job challenging prominent biblical mis­conceptions, and in response to those misconceptions we, the readers, receive the truth! From the beginning to the end, you will find within the pages of this book guidance, encourage­ment, and motivation to pursue a life in which you can learn what it truly means, feels, and looks like to follow Jesus and have the abundant life that Christ promises.

— Jerod Cherry, Radio host with ESPN Cleveland and three-time Super Bowl Champion

Ed Lewis

Am I really going to heaven when I die? And what does God want from me? Talk about an important topic! Jeff is clear, simple, and warm as he uses stories and Scripture to show how simple it is to be a follower. This is a book we will use with those who are not yet Christians and for new believers too. It is well-written and easy to understand with good follow-up questions to consider. I work in the inner city, and this is a tool we will use for teaching people to understand what it means to be a follower. I highly recommend this book.

—Ed Lewis Executive, Director of CE National and the Urban Hope Training Center, Philadelphia

Joshua Beers

Jeff’s life journey mirrors what many inside and outside the church wrongly assume about what it means to be a Christ follower. Take the journey with Jeff and enjoy a fresh renewal of the love relationship God wants with each of us. I needed the recharge and refocus this little book provides.

— Joshua Beers Senior Vice President of Student Experience at Lancaster Bible College